Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr.Salman Razavi

Dr. Salman Razavi Joined Dr. Szpunar's group in 2011 as a PhD student working on corrosion of nanostructured aluminum by hot water for hydrogen production. He graduated in 2014 and since then, he worked as a researcher in the team and advised graduate students on projects on hydrogen storage materials and characterization of welded samples.

Journal Publications

1. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar, Effect of addition of water-soluble salts on the hydrogen generation of aluminum in reaction with hot water,Journal of Alloys and Compounds 679, 364-374 2016.

2. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar, Modification of the shrinking core model for hydrogen generation by reaction of aluminum particles with water,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Volume 41, Issue 1, 5 January 2016, Pages 87-93

3. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar, Effect of ball size on steady state of aluminum powder and efficiency of impacts during milling.Powder Technology 284, 149-158,2015

4. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar,Microstructural evolution and grain subdivision mechanisms during severe plastic deformation of aluminum particles by ball milling , Philosophical Magazine 95 (13), 1425-1447 p>

5. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar, Role of Ball Milling of Aluminum Powders in Promotion of Aluminum-Water Reaction to Generate Hydrogen,Metallurgical and Materials Transactions E 2014 1 (3), 247-256

6. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar, Mechanism of Corrosion of Activated Aluminum Particles by Hot Water, Electrochimica Acta, 127 (2014) 95–105.

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8. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, Gh.A. Nematollahi, T. Ebadzadeh, J.A. Szpunar, Modifying aluminum-water reaction to generate nano-sized aluminum hydroxide particles beside hydrogen, Powder Technology, 241 (2013) 166-173

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11. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, R. Yazdani-Rad, S.A. Manafi, Effect of volume fraction and particle size of alumina reinforcement on compaction and densification behavior of Al–Al2O3 nanocomposites, Materials Science and Engineering A, 528 (2011) 1105–1110

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15. S.S. Razavi.Tousi, R.Yazdani.Rad, E. Salahi, M. Razavi, Effect of milling time and addition of alumina powder on the structural properties and fracture surface of nanocrystalline Al, Materials Science Poland, 27 (2009) 875-884

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19. M. Mobasherpour, M. Solati Hashjin, S.S. Razavi Toosi, R. Darvishi Kamachali, Effect of the addition ZrO2–Al2O3 on nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite bending strength and fracture toughness, Ceramics International 35 (2009) 1569-1574

20. Mansour Razavi, Maziar S. Yaghmaee, Mohammad Reza Rahimipour, Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, The effect of production method on properties of Fe–TiC composite, International Journal of Mineral Processing, 94 (2010) 97–100

21. Mansour Razavi, Mohamad Reza Rahimipour, Touraj Ebadzadeh, Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, Syntheses of Fe-TiC nanocomposite from ilmenite concentrate via microwave heating, Bulletin of Materials Science 32 (2009) 155-160

22. Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, R.Yazdani.Rad, E. Salahi , M.R. Rahimipour, A. Kazemzade, Mansour Razavi, Structural evolution of Al-20%(wt) Al2O3 system during ball milling stages, International Journal of Engineering, 22 (2009) 169-178

23. Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, R.Yazdani.Rad, Effect of distribution of second phase particles on the grain growth mechanism of particulate nanocomposites, Journal of Nanocomposite Materials Research, 2 (2010) 111-118 (in Persian)

Conference Presentations

1. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar, Optimizing milling parameters to Reduce energy consumption in production of hydrogen by reaction of aluminum with water, 11th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, September 2-5, 2012, Vancouver, Canada

2. S.S. Razavi-Tousi, J.A. Szpunar, Modifying aluminum-water reaction to produce hydrogen with useful byproducts for industrial application. 11th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, September 2-5, 2012, Vancouver, Canada

3. Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, Haji Shirinzadeh: Investigation of effect of temperature on the electrical properties of silicon solar cell, in 3th Conference of Iranian Physics Society, p76, Shahroud, Iran, 2006 (in Persian)

4. Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, R.Yazdani.Rad, E. Salahi , M.R. Rahimipour, A. Kazemzade: Production of Al/Al2O3 nanocomposite by mechanical alloying, in 5th Conference of Iranian Ceramic Society, p104, Karaj, Iran, 2007 (in Persian)

5. Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, R.Yazdani.Rad: Impurity tracing in nano-grained Al and Al/Al2O3 composite produced by high energy milling, 2nd International Conference on Nanostructures (NS2008)March 11-14, 2008, Kish University, Kish Island, Iran

6. S.S. Razavi Tousi, R.Yazdani.Rad, G.H. Nematollahi, E. Salahi, M.R. Rahimipour A. Kazemzadeh, Synthesis of Al-5%wt Al2O3-4%wt Mn Nanocomposite by Mechanical Alloying and Subsequent Heat Treatment, 3th Internation Conference of Nano materials and Nano Technology, (2008) Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran

7. S.S. Razavi Tousi, R.Yazdani.Rad, Kh. R. Dehvari, Touraj Navizi, A model for grain growth of nanostructured composites at the presence of nano-particles, 7th Conference of Iranian Ceramic Society, 2009, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran (in Persian)

8. Gholamali Nematollahi, Seyed Salman Razavi Tousi, Ehsan Marzbanrad, Alireza Aghayi: Activated solid state solution mechanisms during impact of balls in mechanical alloying investigated by molecular dynamic, Conference of New Materials, MERC, 2008, Karaj, Iran (in Persian)

9. Gh.Ali Nematollahi, E. Marzbanrad, A. R. Aghaei, Kh. R. Dehvari, S.S.Razavi Tousi, Effect of Temperature and Mechanical Force on the Binary Solution in Mechanical Alloying Process: A Molecular Dynamics Study,3th Internation Conference of Nano materials and Nano Technology, (2008) Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran


1. Department of Mechanical Engineering (U of S) full RA position (Jan-2011 to Sept 2011)

2. George Ira Hanson post-graduate award in energy research (2012)

3. Department of Mech. Engg. Graduate Scholarship (Sept-2011 to Sept-2014)

4. CGSR Travel Award (2012)

5. Engg. Graduate Travel Award (2012)

6. CGSR Travel Award (2013)

7. Eng Grad Travel Award (2013)

8. Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Graduate Scholarship (2013)

9. The Loretta Schoenau Scholarship (Spring 2014)

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