M.Sc. Candidate

Alen Jose

I am Alen Jose is currently a graduate student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. My research area focuses on developing new ways to reduce the corrosion rate and biocompatibility of commercially pure Titanium implants. The materials used in the present market has still not achieved the full state of biocompatibility and tissue to implant attachments. Removal of existing material is often surgically removed after couple of years due to release of toxic metal ions from metals into human body leading to inflammation, infection and even cause cancer like diseases.The use of commercially pure titanium is has a great advantage over any other material which was used in the past decades, yet improvements are required to increase the quality. Cp- titanium has undergone a procedure called Equal Channel Angular Extrusion or ECAE for reducing the grain size of the material and specific texture development which is compatible for the cells to adhere and proliferate to surface of the material for long term implantation. Corrosion studies using simulated body fluids are currently tested and studies for larger data mining. The future work examines procedures called biomimetic coatings of calcium and its derivatives (bone minerals) in attempt to discover new surface coatings that would prolong the life of implants inside human body. Due to increase in the number of patients suffering from the bone related diseases and injuries from accidents, there is a substantial requirement of implants to support, repair and recover hard bone tissues. The work is currently going well closely with supervisor Dr. Jerzy Szpunar, who has provided tremendous mentoring and experience throughout research area.

Contact Details

Email: alj206@mail.usask.ca