Summer Student

Omar Faye

Omar is working on hydrogen storage and removal of Toxic gas like H2S and NH3 by mean of density functional theory.


February 2016 : Visiting researcher at University of Saskatchewan.

September 2014 :visiting researcher at Institute Petroleum of Abu Dhabi.

February 2014 - August 2014 Visiting researcher at University of Pitesti (Romania).

Educationcal Qualification

2009-2011 Trieste University (Italy): Master on Condensed matter physics.

2008-2009: The Abdus Salam International Centre for theoretical Physics in Diploma program in Physics.

Journal Publications

1. H2S adsorption on graphene in the presence of sulfur: a density functional theory study.Computational materials science 2016.117:p.110-119

2. Metal adatom adsorption on graphene sheet :A first principles study: The African Review of Physics (2012) 7: 0036.

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