Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Ming Song


2009-2013 Material Science and Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China Ph.D.

2010-2012 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Canada Joint Education Ph.D. Program

2007-2009 Material Science and Engineering, ECUST, Shanghai, China Masterís period

2003-2007 Metallic Material Engineering, ECUST, Shanghai, China B. E.

Research Projects

My current research interests focus on residual stress distribution in friction stir welding of engineering alloy by using X-ray diffraction and finite element modeling; thermo-mechanical behaviors of Cu-Through Silicon Vias (TSVs), W-TSVs in 3D integrated circuits and residual stress measurement for silicon layer with EBSD, Synchrotron X-ray diffraction/microdiffraction (Canadian Light Source) and finite element analysis; as well as Cu protrusion phenomenon in TSV structures

Journal Publications

1. Song, M., Guan, K.S., Qin, W., Chen, J., Szpunar, J. A. Size effect criteria on the small punch test for AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel. Materials Science and Engineering A. 2014(606): 346-353.

2. Song, M., Guan, K.S., Qin, W., Szpunar, J. A. Comparison of mechanical properties in conventional and small punch tests of fractured anisotropic A350 alloy forging flange. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2012 (247): 58-65.

3. Song, M., Guan K.S. Failure analysis of a weld-decayed austenitic stainless steel. Engineering Failure Analysis, 2011 (18): 1613-1618.

4. Guan, K.S., Hua, L., Wang, Q.Q., Zou, X.H., Song, M. Assessment of toughness in long term service CrMo low alloy steel by fracture toughness and small punch test. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 2011 (241): 1407-1413.

5. Song, M., Guan K.S., Zhao L.X., Wang, Z.W. Study on anisotropy properties of A350 pressure vessel steel orging by small punch test. Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 2010,27 (09):1-6

6. Guan K.S., Xu T., Song, M., Zhao, L.X. Wang, Z.W. An assessment of the elongation of fractured specimen subjected to tensile testing based on small punch testing. Journal of Experimental Mechanics, 2011, 26 (02):209-215

7. Song, M., Mundboth, K. R., Chen, L., Szpunar J. A., Feng, R. Characterization of residual stress in TSV structures in 3D IC by using Synchrotron X-ray microdiffraction and Electron Backscattered Diffraction. 26th Canadian Materials Science Conference, Saskatoon, Canada. June. 2014

8. Song, M., Qin, W., Szpunar, J. A., Guan K.S. Effects of grain size and specimen size on small punch test of type 316L austenitic stainless steel. 33rd CNS (Canadian Nuclear Society) Annual Conference and 36th Annual CNS-CNA Student Conference, Saskatoon, Canada. Jun. 2012.

9. Song, M., Guan, K.S., Zhao, L.X., Wang, Z.W. The study of anisotropy properties of A350 pressure vessel steel forging by small punch test. 2010 International Symposium on Structural Integrity, Structural integrity and materials ageing in extreme conditions, Shanghai, China, Oct. 2010.

10. Guan, K.S., Song, M., Huang, Y.C., Zhao, L.X. Definition of yield load on small punch test by means of double slope of elastic curve. 2008 Fracture Mechanics Symposium, Evaluation, Inspection and Monitoring of structural Integrity, 2008: 447-450.

11. Guan, K.S., Song, M., Xu, T., Xu, Y.F., Zhang, G.Z. Clamping system in small punch test technique, Patent, CN200910056054.9. East China University of Science and Technology and China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute. 2010-02-03.

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