PhD Candidate

Lina Zhang


Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, China

B. Sc. Design and Manufacture of Mechanical and Automation (2008)

University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

M.Sc. Materials Science (2011)

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (joint education, Oct. 2012-Apr. 2014)

University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, China (May 2014-Present)

Ph. D. Materials Science

Research project

Recently, I am working on the corrosion behavior of Ni-Fe-Cr base alloy widely used in petrochemical and chemical industries. A variation of microstructure during the production processing influences the corrosion properties of the finished tube. The objective of this project is to investigate the influence of microstructure on the corrosion performance of Ni-Fe-Cr base alloy by using multiple electrochemical corrosion techniques, and then optimize the processing to obtain the desirable texture and microstructure for further improvement of corrosion resistance in various service environments.

Journal Publications

1. L.N. Zhang, P. Wang, J.X. Dong, M.C. Zhang, Microstructures’ effects on high temperature fatigue failure behavior of typical superalloys, Materials Science & Engineering A 587 (2013) 168-178.

2. Li.Na. Zhang, Jerzy A. Szpunar, Jian.Xin. Dong, Mai.Cang. Zhang, Corrosion resistance of high-alloyed material UNS N08028 in sodium chloride solution, Advanced Materials Research 893 (2014) 440-443.

3. Zhang Li-na, Dong Jian-xin, Zhang Mai-cang, Influence of solution temperature and stabilization treatment on the fatigue crack growth feature of GH864 alloy, Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 33(2011) 1366-1372.


1. A scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council (2012)

2. “The distinguished Master Degree Postgraduate”, Award from USTB, (2011)

3. “All-Round Good Postgraduate Student” scholarship from USTB, (2009)

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