Visiting Student

Cheng Wen

Cheng is working on NQSP about creep properties. His research in Small Sample Test Techniques which is a part of High Temperature Structural Integrity. By comparing the conventional uniaxial creep test and small punch creep test, suggestions were given on obtaining creep properties by Small Punch Creep Test. In 2016, October 12th –October 14th, Cheng was in charge of organizing “The fourth international conference on small sample test techniques”


National Scholarship (ECUST,2016).

Ranking first in Postgraduate Entrance Exam (ECUST 2014)

National Endeavor Scholarship (2011, 2012, NJTU )

Educationcal Qualification

2010-2014 B.Sc from Nanjing Tech University.

2014-2017:M.Sc East China University of Science and Technology

Journal Publications

1. Wen, Cheng, Tong Xu, and Kaishu Guan. "Correlation Factor Study of Small Punch Creep Test and Its Life Prediction." Materials 9.10 (2016): 796.

2. Guan, K., Xu, L., Wen, C., & Zhong, J. (2016, July). Development and Standardization of Small Punch Testing Techniques in China. In ASME 2016 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (pp. V01BT01A012-V01BT01A012). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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