MSc Student

Xu Aries


1.Chen Shupanxiang, Zhao Sufang, Xu Zhen, Liu Zhigang, Zhu Runliang Influence of pH on the Catalytic Performance of CuO-CoOx-CeO2 for CO Oxidation, RSC Advances, RSC Adv., 2015, DOI: 10.1039/C5RA07689G

2. Wang Yuebo, Su Xiaoli, Xu Zhen, Wen Ke, Zhang Ping, Zhu Jianxi, He Hongping Preparation of Surface-functionalized Porous Clay Heterostructures Via Carbonization of Soft-template and Their Adsorption Performance for Toluene, Applied Surface Science (Under Review)

3. Liu Hongmei, Liang Xiaoliang, Xu Zhen, Liu Peng, He Hongping Quantitative Analysis of Fe and Co in Co-substituted Magnetite Using XPS: The application of Non Linear Least Squares Fitting (NLLSF), Applied Surface Science (Under Review)

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