Journal Publications

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Conference Publication

Ubong Eduok, Jerzy Szpunar, “Carbon deprivation in CO2 saturated SRB culture intensifies pipeline steel corrosion” presented during the 31st Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC 2019) at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, on June 10-13, 2019.
Ubong Eduok, Jerzy Szpunar, Conversion of imidazole to N-(3-Aminopropyl)imidazole using Raney®-Nickel catalyst towards enhanced corrosion protection of steel, presented during an SSSC Open House held at the Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 5C9, Canada, on the 13th February 2019.
J. A. Szpunar, Microstructure in texture formation and failure of steels, Advanced Materials and Technologies, AMT 2019, The XXII Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science Conference, Bukowina Tatrzanska, Poland, June 9-12, 2019.
J.A. Szpunar (Plenary), Microstructure in service related failure of pipeline steels, Asia Pacific Pipeline Conference, Qingdao, China, May 15-19, 2019.
B. Szpunar, J.A. Szpunar, Structural Stability of SiC, 14th International Conference on CANDU Fuel, “Powering a Greener Future with Advanced Fuel Cycles, Hilton Meadowvale, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 2019 July 21-24.
J.I. Ranasinghe, L. Malakkal, B. Szpunar, E. Jossou, J.A. Szpunar, First Principles Study on Thermal Conductivity of U3O8 , 14th International Conference on CANDU Fuel,Powering a Greener Future with Advanced Fuel Cycles, Hilton Meadowvale, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 2019 July 21-24.
L. Malakkal, A. Prasad, J. Ranasinghe, E. Jossou, B. Szpunar, L. Bichler, J. Szpunar, The microstructure and thermal conductivity of spark plasma sintered ThO2 , (Abstract), Future with Advanced Fuel Cycles, Hilton Meadowvale, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 2019 July 21-24.
B. Szpunar, J.A. Szpunar, Application of state-of-the-art calculations in design of accident tolerant fuel for safe nuclear energy, (Abstract), APE’19: International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy, Oxford, UK, March 14-15, 2019.